The Better Than Coffee Story

I am a declared “recovering energy drinks addict” if we must label it.
When I worked in corporate IT I would need several, chemical-filled energy drinks to make it through the long days. Wherever my travels brought me I looked for healthier alternative energy sources. I found many options, but none I could carry with me. So I set out to make something natural and healthy with energy that lasts without jitters or a crash.

Three years and over 3,000 homemade bars later, the Better Than Coffee concept came to life. We partnered with food industry experts to adhere to the strictest international regulations and to scrutinize every ingredient. Our R&D team rejected countless recipes before arriving at the guarana- and maca-powered bars we make today.

The world isn’t slowing down. And while we happen to make bars, our real mission is to help people like you get through busy, seemingly endless days with the help of a natural energy source made with ingredients that won’t hurt your body. Because you can—and should—have an energy boost without harmful side effects.

We hope you enjoy Better Than Coffee.



Better Than Coffee is a California based company